Lititz Moravian Museum and Archives welcomes visitors!  Moravian tour guides will explain and interpret:

  • Who are the Moravians; why are they here? (Earliest Protestant group, pre-Luther)
  • The historic church sanctuary - 1787
  • The restored Coffee Kitchen - 1763
  • Corpse House and God's Acre
  • Brother’s House including two Tannenberg organs.
  • Museum and, if requested, Moravian Mission Gift Shop

Please check our  Lititz Moravian Museum Facebook Page for hours and scheduled tours.                                                                                                                    

 Or contact the church office to arrange a visit when a volunteer is available.  (717-626-8515)

Bus tours or large group tours can also be arranged by contacting the church office. There is a $5 suggested donation per person for these tours.  Self-Guided Church Square Exterior Tours - The Lititz Church Square grounds are always open to the public to see the exterior of the buildings and architecture.  Pick up a brochure next to the map in front of the Brothers' House (to the west of the church building). 

And each fall, the Museum and Archives usually hosts a special “Lantern Tour” where costumed guides lead visitors through historic Church Square where many ‘departed souls’ appear to tell their unique stories. It’s not a ‘fright nite’ tour, but rather a group of departed Moravians whose stories are culled from our church records and reenacted by church volunteers.

Another exciting historic event is the newly reformed Lititz Moravian Collegium Musicum, aka History You Can Hear! In eighteenth-century Moravian settlements, the Collegia Musica presented instrumental and choral works, as well as chamber music for strings and winds, that represented the “cutting edge” of European musical culture in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. The LMCM will source music from its vast collection of scores and present a fall and spring concert, which will include an ‘museum moment’ where selected historic instruments from the Lititz collection will be discussed and demonstrated, and other related exhibits.  For more information or to schedule a tour, contact the Church Office:

Phone: (717) 626-8515 

Visit   Lititz Moravian Museum Facebook Page for details of scheduled tours and concerts. Tickets are required for these special events.