Beliefs and Vision

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Our Beliefs  

The Moravian Church affirms the historic creeds of the Christian faith such as the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. The Moravian Church motto directs its faith and practice of serving God in daily life:

In essentials, Unity;
In non-essentials, Liberty;
And in all things, Love

We hold to the essential, or necessary truths held by all Christian churches such as:

  • God revealing himself to us as Creator/Father/, Redeemer/Son/, and Sustainer/Spirit (the doctrine of the Trinity;
  • Salvation is a gift of God, received through faith in Jesus Christ;
  • Christianity is a way of life lived in personal relationship with the Lord, guided by His Word and the Holy Spirit's leading.

The Non-essentials are those beliefs where Christians in good faith have different views, for the Bible can be read to allow differing views. Such things as how to view Holy Communion, or Baptism, or what style of worship to practice. Since it is the non-essentials over which people tend to divide, we all have the calling, in all things, to love one another.   Return to Top

Holy Communion    

The Moravian Church practices open communion. That means Christians of any denomination are welcome to share in the bread and the cup of the sacrament.  We come to the Lord's table because we are hungry and needy, not perfect and worthy.   Children may also partake, provided they have had a conference with the pastor to talk about the deep spiritual significance of this meal, or if you are a visitor, if your child partakes in your church.

The form in which Holy Communion is served in the Moravian Church differs from that of other denominations.   It is based upon practices that began in the 15th century.  The bread and the cup are brought to the congregants by the pastor, symbolically reminding us that God, through Jesus Christ,  comes to each one of us where we are.  Return to Top


Baptism is the sacrament of Christian initiation. Through baptism believers and their children are embodied in the covenant of grace and become a part of the fellowship of the church.

Adults are baptized upon profession of faith after instruction. Children of Christian parents are baptized upon the basis of “the faith of parents and of the church” (Moravian Book of Worship, Liturgy for Baptism, p. 165).

Moravians appreciate the significance of both kinds of baptism: The baptism of an adult who has newly become a Christian reminds us that faith is required of all who are baptized. The baptism of a child – particularly the baptism of an infant – reminds us that God’s love precedes any act of faith on our part. Return to Top

Our Vision

We are a community that seeks first, last and always to follow Jesus.

We see a community of FAITH where all are welcome to join in Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Ministry and Evangelism. We see people on a faith journey, actively living a Christian life in our world and providing support for all those in need both at home and in mission.

We see a community of HOPE where people are encouraged and equipped to develop their spiritual gifts and to use them in the service of the Risen Lord. We see a congregation where all are involved in a rich variety of opportunities to serve and be empowered to follow God's calling.

We see a community of LOVE where questions of faith are welcome, where the broken find comfort, where unconditional acceptance and love abound, and where all are under God's canopy of grace and forgiveness. 

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